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OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Mobile marketplace

发行商: OfferUp Inc.
价格: 免费


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Buy. Sell. Letgo. - OfferUp and Letgo are now one big mobile marketplace.

Buy, sell and shop deals on thousands of unique items nearby! So whether you want to make some extra money by selling your used furniture or want to do some clothes shopping the choice is yours with OfferUp.

OfferUp makes it easy to find great deals on the things you want and make money on the things you want to sell. Ditch the Classified Ads and garage sales -- this is the best way to buy and sell in your community or neighborhood with a mobile marketplace you can trust.

Cars, clothes, shoes, vintage fashion, and more! Here’s how shopping and selling with OfferUp works:

• Buy or sell anything; easily offer up your items for sale in 30 seconds.
• Find great deals and discounts on clothes, shoes, furniture, vintage fashion, cell phones, electronics, baby & kids items, sports equipment, used cars, home goods and more.
• Use reputation features like ratings and profiles to see who you’re dealing with and build trust.
• Shop local items for sale with thousands of new postings daily.
• Message buyers and sellers securely from within the app.
• Build your reputation with your unique seller profile page.
• Browse and shop items by image and sort by category or location.
• Join millions of people using OfferUp across the country.
• Skip the garage sale! OfferUp is the simplest way to buy and sell locally.

Fun facts about shopping and selling with OfferUp:

1. With OfferUp you can easily sell anything like clothes and shoes, used cars, electronics, vintage fashion, and furniture.
2. OfferUp shows you what’s selling nearby in your local community.
3. Communication between buyers & sellers happens through the app via secure messaging.
4. OfferUp is better than a garage sale; you can do your shopping right on your phone or tablet.

Be part of the community:

We’re making local shopping and selling an experience that everyone can try and trust. The community at the heart of our marketplace is what makes that possible. When you join OfferUp, you’re joining millions of people helping each other make money and save money around the nation -- and right in the neighborhood.

From shoes to cars, vintage fashion to furniture - unearth unique items that you can’t find anywhere else with OfferUp. Download OfferUp today and enjoy the mobile marketplace with plenty of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

The two leading mobile marketplaces in the U.S., OfferUp and Letgo, are joining forces to create a new powerhouse. OfferUp acquired Letgo on July 1, 2020.


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878211 条评价

Very easy to use. Make posting easy, I love it. It rated 5 stars.


Everything was fine untill a week ago i cant log in or post anything i made a new account and still the same problem it was so much better with only offer up😡😡😡😡


Awsome site to make money.


Updated to 5 star. Made a lot of money here. Lots of good things I could say


Removed my 5 star review I have used offer up every day for years but this new update t ruined the entire platform it is now add Heavy and a garbage app I feel like I am on craigslist which I switched over from because it sucked now offerup is all scammers. It was so awesome it was focused truly on buyers and sellers in your local area now they're trying to push this like its the new eBay get back to your roots please Not using anymore hopefully it'll change back to what people liked about it


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