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Happiness Train - Free Educational Games for Kids

发行商: Ara Ohanian Mobile Apps
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Children are interested in many different things. Kids always want to expand their horizons, which is why we’ve created an exceptional app for kid’s education. Our learning Happiness Train app is a collection of 15 unique free educational games for children and toddlers.

In Happiness Train your kid will determine the shapes and colors of things and objects, think logically, develop dexterity and speed, learn emergency numbers, learn ABC and basic math, and so on.

- Shopping Store. This is good preparation for kid’s shopping and logic development;
- Classic Puzzle. Kids will Improve logical skills and different logical issues in this unique educational classic puzzle;
- Ordinal Numbers. This is the best opportunity to teach children numbers before elementary school. It would be easy for children to teach how numbers look and how to write them;
- Balloons. This is easy educational numbers learning for kids. It is full of colorful balloons that introduce the shape of numbers for children;
- Memory Cards. Children will develop and improve their memory by playing. What could be better?
- The Blackboard. It is a virtual blackboard where kids can write and learn numbers, write and learn ABC, learn shapes, learn words and letters, learn alphabet and even draw and color everything kid want;
- Shapes. It was created so that the child learns and remembers how the figures look. Also, it will develop kid’s logic, which is a good addition;
- Emergency numbers. We hope that your children will be safe, but they still need to learn basic emergency numbers that they will use if something happens;
- Body Parts. The children learn more about their bodies and learn the names of all parts of the body;
- Dress up. It will help not only to spend time with benefits but also to learn the names of clothes;
- Fox And Rabbit. This funny process develops kid’s attentiveness and speed. This free and fun accuracy Fox and Rabbit story play very colorful and easy to use;
- Clocks. Clocks contain four types of time training at the basic and simple levels. The main goal is to repeat the numbers, is to teach children to work with analog and digital clocks;
- Draw and color. When children draw, they not only develop their creative abilities, but also such important human qualities as accuracy, perseverance, and involvement;
- Snakes and Ladders. Tired of learning? It's time to unload your brain playing a classic snake! Experience different types of snake and ladder. Play with virtual opponents, with your friends or online.
- The application is designed to improve logical thinking, creativity, speed, perseverance, accuracy, discipline and other important human qualities for your kid or toddler.
- The application is suitable for children of different ages: babies, kids, kiddos, toddlers and preschool children who need a fun educational app.
- This is a unique free educational application for children with a colorful and simple easy-to-use design.
- You will get up to 15 free games for kids only in one multi-functional free educational app for kids;
- Happiness Train is accompanied by funny sound effects and stunning graphics that entertain your children and toddlers and keep them busy for hours;

Do you want your child to spend time with benefit and pleasure? Install the brand new app from the creators of Kiddos in Kindergarten and Kiddos in Camp! Use the free educational Happiness Train app and start developing your child’s important qualities and skills!


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