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发行商: GoKids!
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Baby Phone - Numbers, Animals is one of our learning and entertaining games for kids. The baby phone number animals helps parents turn an ordinary smartphone into a toy phone for babies. The animal phone game provides both kids entertainment and education. The young player will get acquainted with various wild and domestic animals for kids and animal sounds for babies, as well as learn numbers
Killer features of our baby phone app free:
• Playing this baby first play phone your kid can explore 11 animals and hear the sounds they produce. In our baby telephone your kid will find a horse, a goat, a dog, a cat, a chicken, a mouse, a cow, a pig, a duck and a sheep. All the animals in our baby animal phone are presented by funny pictures. Contact with the animals of the children phone helps develop communication skills and curiosity.
• There is an ability to pretend phone calls for kids - the most exciting part of the animal phone when your baby calls a certain animal and it answers! I The presentation of the sounds of our learning animal games for kids in the form of a toddler phone call will give a greater effect than a simple explanation.
• Learning numbers for preschoolers from 0 to 9.
• Like in all musical games for kids there are songs and music melodies in our kids phone app. The babyphone game will develop your toddler’s musical ear. Your baby will love to play phone for kids.
• Little kids can play phone for kids call in several widespread languages - English, Spanish, Russian and some others. So, our baby cell phone app gives an opportunity to learn animals and numbers not only in the native language, but in foreign languages as well. Such educational games for kids baby phone 3 4 years will be especially useful for those children who are going to study languages in the future.
• The baby mobile game is really simple, fun and interactive. Even the smallest kids will be able to play baby animal games on their own.
• All our educational games for kids kindergarten are free to download, including this baby mobile phone.
Our kids phone games can be recommended as:
- learning games for toddlers age 2;
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How to play our educational games for kids nursery in which baby learn animals:
- Call up an animal - make a fake phone call for baby. To play phone baby first, hit the call button to see a full list of the animals in the phone book. The kid touches any picture and the animal takes the call on the baby cell phone within a few seconds.
- Play with buttons and learn numbers for toddlers - 123 learning numbers. This mini-game of the baby phone for kids focuses a child’s attention on the buttons shown on the screen. When the 123 games for kids free begins, one of the buttons starts tilting. The task of this part of babyphone mobile is to hit the wobbling one to score
- Take calls from the animals playing the animals phone. Now and then, your kid will receive calls from animal friends thanks to baby mobile with sound and lights! The baby mode for your phone is automatically programmed to send calls to your phone so that your kid can answer them and hear animal sounds for kids learning free.
Featuring a toy phone for kids with a lively and colorful interface, this phone game with real phone calls for kids free app will be a great helper in learning animals for kids, animal voices for kids and numbers for toddlers free!
The creation of our educational games for kids Baby Phone involved child specialists all focused to create a game that will provide valuable lessons to learn animals and numbers with fun. So, our baby phone games for babies with numbers are carefully made to provoke interest and positive emotions while children play the toddler phone.


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