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DNS Manager Pro - No root, 4G

发行商: Oguz Kirat
价格: 5.00 USD


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DNS Manager: DNS Changer for Android™
Easy way to change your DNS provider.
Works on WiFi and mobile data connections (2G, 3G, 4G LTE) and on Android™ 4.1 and above.
Does not require a rooted device (Rooting is optional for additional features)

Please try free version first to see if everything works:

Why you might want to use different DNS Provider:
✓ Faster response times
✓ Block phishing attacks and harmful software/malware
✓ Block access to illegal or adult web sites
✓ Access web sites which are not available at time due to DNS errors (ISPs are generally slow to update changed DNS records)

Secure your DNS communication with DNSCrypt (optional experimental feature)
This application can start/stop and configure DNSCrypt (requires seperate installation)
DNSCrypt is a secure protocol to prevent DNS spoofing.

Advantages Of DNS Manager Pro
✓ Ad free
✓ More DNSCrypt servers available
✓ Change DNS automatically on boot
✓ Automatically change your DNS when you switch networks. (Keeps your DNS changed when you switch WiFi to cellular, different WiFi etc.)
✓ Manually enter DNS IP address

Beta limitations
- IPv6 support and DNSCrypt support is experimental
- Currently DNSCrypt is not available for every CPU architecture and might not work with your device. DNSCrypt support is still in BETA.

Please Note
Even while using DNSCrypt, only your DNS queries are secured. Changing DNS is not magically secure all your internet connection nor block restrictions to access web sites. You must not use this application or DNS providers to access web sites that are illegal on your network and/or country.
DNS Providers might have their own terms and privacy policies.
This application is only for personal/home usage.


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