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Hutch App

发行商: Hutch Sri Lanka
价格: 免费


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This App is available for 078 & 072 Prepaid & Postpaid users on Hutch.

HUTCH App is available for Devices on Android Version 5.0 and above

The all new and Improved APP offers a multitude of services as listed below:

- Transparency ++ - View billed charges on your Pre Paid or Post Pay number ranging from Calls, Data, SMS , VAS etc each day
- Transparency++ . View the Data MB's used on your number each day , Call Units consumed daily, SMS units consumed daily
- Checking your data balance, checking your Voice Minutes & SMS Balance.
- Activate Mobile Data Plans, voice packs & SMS packs.
- Activate Work from Home , Study from Home Data Plans
- Add multiple numbers and manage your connections.
- Hutch My Plan feature enables you to create combinations of data, voice and SMS packs according to your preference.
- Pay your Hutch Post Paid bill online using a Credit or Debit Card.
- Reload Online using a credit or Debit Card.
- Check your Post Paid Credit Limit, view bills and download E bills of last 3 months.
- Take an Instant Loan in case you run out of credit balance.
- Activate & Deactivate Valued Added Services such as Entertainment, News Alerts etc.
- Find out the nearest Hutch locations.
- Trilingual language support.
- Reach out to our 24 Hour Customer service team via the chat feature or support section.
- Access to many different services such as sending credit to friends, activating Hutch Tunes to activating call related services and much more.

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