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“Christmas Stickers for Whatsapp” are a great way to wish your friends and family.

This is awesome way to say ‘Marry Christmas’. This “Christmas Stickers for Whatsapp” free Stickers pack app specially created for Whatsapp. You just have to add different category of Stickers Packs from given list.

Christmas is really special time of the year. Both kids and adults are looking forward to the time celebrated with family and friends, the most favorite holiday around the world.

Send Christmas gift using this stickers app! Numerous “Christmas elements” are specially designed to beautify your chats and create awesome Christmas time!

01. Lot's of Christmas Stickers Packs for Whatsapp.
02. Add packs into Whatsapp by just clicking on + sign from list.
03. Detailed screen of stickers.

Stickers Packs:
01. Snowman
02. Baubles collection
03. Beautiful Decoration
04. Christmas Collection
05. Christmas labels collection
06. Christmas labels set
07. Christmas typography cards
08. Classic Element
09. Collection of hand drawn Christmas stickers
10. Cute Characters
11. Cute Snowman
12. Decorative Elements
13. Enjoying Snowman
14. Fantastic Santa
15. Flat Jingle Bells
16. Hand Drawn Elements
17. Hand Drawn Snowman
18. Hats
19. Jingle Bells Set
20. Lovely Christmas label collection with flat design
21. Lovely Christmas label collection with vintage style
22. Lovely hand drawn Christmas label collection
23. Lovely set of Christmas labels with flat design
24. Lovely set of vintage Christmas labels
25. Lovely Snowman
26. Nice Santa
27. Nice Snowman
28. Ornaments
29. Pretty Christmas badge collection
30. Realistic Ball
31. Retro Style
32. Round Christmas stamp collection
33. Santa and Bells
34. Santa Character
35. Santa Claus Collection
36. Santa's Friends
37. Smiling Snowmen
38. Tree
39. Vintage Christmas label collection

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