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Ghanny: Sing karaoke,find the most beautiful voice

发行商: SuperFun Limited
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Do you like singing karaoke? Karaoke solo, sing with others, or sing a cappella. Free karaoke singing, recording music videos and songs. Sing live in a live room with thousands of listeners, earn fans and luxurious gifts. Use audio effects and video filters when singing your favorite karaoke music songs. Attend in various music activities hold live parties and make new friends through music.
Come on! Sing karaoke for free and interact with friends through music!

-Online Karaoke
Sing karaoke with music and lyrics anytime, anywhere
Choose your favorite song in the singing room and show yourself through sound or video.

-Mobile phone recording MV
No need to go to karaoke, you can sing karaoke online at home!
Record your wonderful singing and wonderful performances, Use tuner, and use beauty filters to create your own personal music video.
Choose exquisite video templates, and even amateurs can create a beautiful MV like a famous star!

-Online rooms
Many people sing and interact in the online room, and make new friends through music.

-Gift challenge
Every second counts, win gifts with singing, and become the top singer of the chart

-Fantastic PK
1V1 PK or ring PK, won the honor under the attention of many viewers and fans

-Tarot Conjecture
When guessing the big players, win back massive gold coins

-Lucky Rocket
After the rocket in the room is lifted off to snatch a generous reward

People are watching and receive privileges that belong exclusively to the nobles

-Rare number
Unique, precious and lucky number, make you unique and eye-catching in the app

-Multiple badges
Support wearing multiple badges to clearly show your level and honor to your friends

-Activities and competitions
Variety of activities and competitions to show your ability and strong ability to attract fans
-Featured sound effects
Rich voice-changing effects, make your voice sound more professional and attractive

-Beauty Filter
Try different styles of beauty filters to find a more beautiful self

-Virtual gifts
A variety of luxurious virtual dynamic gifts and static gifts for those you like

-Luxury car
Cool and luxurious entry car, let you get the attention of the audience when you enter the room

-Share works
Share the link of the work with your friends through other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Come to Ghanny, let us sing and listen to music together. Join our community of Arab music lovers. Sing karaoke or sing a cappella! Be popular and gain fans! Make music with friends!

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