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NEPAL TELEVISION with Slogan "Communications for Development."

Nepal Television (Nepali: नेपाल टेलिभिजन abbreviated in English as NTV) is one of Nepal's largest broadcasting organizations in studio and transmitter infrastructure, it was established on December 31, 1983. NTV, which also broadcasts on digital terrestrial transmitters, provides 4 television channels, online and mobile app service. It has recently Introduced OTT Mobile App to expand its reach to everyone's hand.

It has 4 TV Stations running and operational for 24x7 hours to address different genres and audiences. The network started broadcasting its all 4 channels in HD from 31 January 2019.

NEPAL TELEVISION (General Entertainment and News)

NTV PLUS (Sports and Entertainment)

NTV News (News)

NTV Kohalpur (Regional channel for news and entertainment)

NEPAL TELEVISION (NTV) has an exclusive strategic tie-up with NEW IT VENTURE CORPORATION, NITV (Leading OTT/IPTV development and consulting firm based in Japan - to Develop Advanced Digital Platform and Manage its Distribution in worldwide (International) market through different online medium.

Nepal Television (NTV) App Features:

Smooth Streaming of Live TV for all 4 Channels

DVR/Catch-up TV up to 1 week for all 4 Channels

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for all 4 Channels

Popular TV Shows and Programs in On-Demand Playlist

Online News Feed

Featured Old Video Library for VOD

Notifications and Interactive Social Engagements

Adaptive Bitrate to support across the network

News Portal in Nepali and English

Complete Offline Experience App

Nepal Television:

Nepal Television is the oldest and most-watched television channel in Nepal. For many years this was the only television channel native to Nepal. NTV and its sister channel mostly broadcast programs on the basis of Nepal's culture, ethics, religion. People mostly watch this channel for news which broadcasts at 8:00 p.m.


NTV PLUS is a two program division of Nepal Television. NTV PLUS was established with a different objective compared to the other division. The first transmission was made in the year 2060 BS. NTV PLUS has a clear vision to reach out to the youth population through its program which basically includes entertainment, informative and sports programs. The broadcasting of other programs like World Cup football, Olympic Games, various national and international level sporting events has further helped the channel attract the youth viewers. NTV PLUS channel mostly broadcasts programs related to the ethic and culture of Nepal.

NTV Kohalpur :

NTV Kohalpur is a television channel in Nepal, with a focus on news. The station began broadcasting on 14 April 2017 AD (1st Baisakh 2074 BS).

NTV News:

NTV News is a television channel in Nepal, with a focus on news. The station began broadcasting on 18 October 2014 AD (1st Kartik 2071 BS).

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