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Looking for the cheapest, fastest, most ecological or best rated taxi? Compare the options, select the taxi you want and track your booking. Find reliable taxi companies in your area in one place. Download the 02 Taksi app and experience the ease of taxi booking! 

- Compare the options, choose your ride and track the arrival of your taxi
- Fixed prices – know the cost in advance
- Recommend the app to a friend and earn money for taxi trips!
- Your ride emissions have been offset for you

Here’s how 02 Taksi works:

1. Specify your pick-up address.
2. Enter your destination to get a fixed price for your ride.
3. The app will tell you the available options based on speed, reviews and price.
4. Choose the taxi that’s best for you and make the booking.
5. The car is on its way! Track the arrival of your ride on the map.

The app also allows you to:

- Book a people-carrier for a bigger group
- Pre-book a taxi
- View your order history and active advance bookings
- Send receipts directly to your email or to accounting
- Review your ride and contribute to the development of the service

02 Taksi – We care more

Caring is an important value for us.

We care more about the environment: all emissions from 02 Taksi rides are offset. The application lets you find low-emission ride options easily. You can use our taxis with a clear conscience, leaving behind only green tyre tracks.

We care more about you and our other customers: we offer you taxi money, which you can easily earn by recommending 02 Taksi to a friend. You’ll save in taxi expenses and your friend will travel with added comfort.

We care about making things convenient for you: 02 Taksi brings together more than 40 taxi companies. We care about getting you where you need to be across Finland. We make booking a ride easy!

The 02 Taksi application works across Finland

More than 90 % of Finns are able to use the 02 Taksi app, which means that you can book a taxi in almost any municipality and city in Finland.

If you’re unable to find free rides via the application, you can order a taxi by calling the best telephone service in Finland on 020230. 

The 02 Taksi telephone service will provide you with fast, personal service for finding and booking a suitable taxi. Our telephone service covers all of Finland. Call charges: €1.25 per call + €0.049 per second (+ local network rate / mobile charge).

All you need is one app, no matter where in Finland you are.

One app – many reliable taxi companies

02 Taksi is a taxi booking service that brings together several taxi companies. Our collaboration covers reputable and reliable taxi companies across Finland, allowing you to find your favourite taxi in the service. 

Our taxis will take you where you need to be, quickly and efficiently. No annoying detours, only a ride tailored to your personal needs.

If you’re thinking of travelling and using public transport in an unfamiliar region, you need to make use of route planners. Using them to plan a trip isn’t always convenient, however, making ordering a taxi a quicker and less stressful option.

A taxi driver is like the customer’s personal route planner which isn’t limited by specific routes and times of day but which listens to the customer’s wishes and takes them directly from point A to point B. Taking a taxi ride means enjoying a moment of relaxation and comfort.

Download the app and make your first booking today!


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