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发行商: ParaU Team
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买



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ParaU is a video chat app that brings the world to your fingertips! You will find it so relaxing to video chat with friends from the world.

Here at ParaU, we want to create the best platform for you to make new friends all over the world. Just sit back and chill! Enjoy the amazing experience you’re about to get on ParaU!

Key Features:

◾1 on 1 video chat with new friends 🎞️
You can video chat after setting up a chat line with just one tap! Discover new people you are interested in and enjoy a fun 1-on-1 video chat experience!

◾Have fun chatting with emojis 👯
Say goodbye to boring outdated emoji! ParaU offers its own unique emoji specially designed for you to highlight personality and bring fun to chat rooms.

◾Stay connected via friend list 👩🤝👨
ParaU not only helps you talk to new people beyond your social circle but also allows you to add new people you get along with to your friend list. After that, you can invite them to video calls anytime you want. Who knows it could be so easy to discover new people and experience 1v1 video chat with friendly people!

◾Video chat history 📂
No worries about losing memorable moments of friendship between you and your buddies. ParaU will keep your video chat & text chat history safe. Stay in touch with your ParaU friends for as long as you want!

◾Real-time translation 🉑→🆗
Let instant translation break down the language barrier hindering social sparks during live chats! Get to know new people worldwide through random video chats without limitations.

◾Incredible filters 👑
Filters and effects will be applied automatically in video calls. They will definitely make you look more stylish!

◾Discover & chat 🎉
Here you can enjoy rich content and discover new friends in video calls and 1-on-1 private video chat rooms. ParaU provides a platform for you to talk to new people and enrich your own life.

Whether you are looking for a movie companion, someone to practice foreign languages with, or a platform to express your ideas, learn from others, and video chat with new friends, ParaU is doing its best to help you! Come join ParaU chat rooms now!

Privacy Policy:
- In ParaU video chat app, all personal information is securely stored. Information other than what you write publicly on the profile cannot be seen by other users.
- Please take caution when delivering sensitive information, because you are responsible for the information you provide to the other party once you connect through ParaU chat video.
- Sexual, pornographic, or nude behaviors are not allowed and users generating them will be immediately banned.


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