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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

发行商: Pera Games
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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The world's most played and most enjoyable contest Who Wants To Be A Millionaire continues with 20,000 different questions!
There are a total of 15 questions in each contest. 4 original lifelines and 4 brand new lifelines are offered to assist you in answering these fifteen questions. If you answer question 15 correctly, the prize you will win is exactly 1 Million Dollars.
Are you ready to make the final decision to become a millionaire?

Lifelines Offered in the Contest

1) Audience Lifeline: If the contestant chooses this lifeline, the audience makes a choice about the answer to the question. These answers given by the audience are reflected on the contestant graphically.
2) Telephone Lifeline: At the time of application, the contestant can call any of his 3 friends and get an opinion about the question within 30 seconds.
3) 50:50 Lifeline: If the contestant chooses this lifeline, 2 wrong options are removed randomly.
4) Double Response Lifeline: Thanks to this lifeline, the contestant has the right to answer the question twice. Also, when using the double answer, if the first answer is wrong, the answer disappears.
5) Question Change Lifeline: If the contestant chooses this lifeline, the existing question will be replaced with another question at the same level. In addition, the time starts again from 30 seconds.
6) Mysterious Lifeline: If the contestant chooses this lifeline, one of the previously used jokers will be activated again. If there is no lifeline used, the Mysterious Joker cannot be used.
7) Expert Lifeline: If the contestant chooses this lifeline, the opinions of the expert in the field are taken about the question. The expert has a high level of knowledge about the question.
8) The Oracle Lifeline: If the contestant chooses this lifeline, the contestant will be instantly shown whether all options are true or false.

Questions and Prizes

1. Question prize 100 $
2. Question prize 200 $
3. Question prize 300 $
4. Question prize 500 $
5. Question prize 1,000 $
6. Question prize 2,000 $
7. Question prize 4,000 $
8. Question prize 8,000 $
9. Question prize 16,000 $
10. Question prize 32,000 $
11. Question prize 64.000 $
12. Question prize 125,000 $
13. Question prize 250,000 $
14. Question prize 500,000 $
15. Question prize 1.000.000 $


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