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PesoGoGo is owned by { Philippines RUP Financing Corporation } which operates the platform of easy cash loan, SEC number is {CS201909023}, with Certificate of Authority No.1218.

[Loan Information]
Transaction fee: 0 peso
Service fee: 0 peso
Loan Amount: ₱2,000 - ₱10,000
Tenor: 91 days -140 days

Interest rate: APR 20% - 34% per year
Example: 91 day loan with interest rate of 12%, and principal amount is ₱10,000. Total payment is ₱10299.17 (10000*12%/365*91+10000)

We provide an easy and convenient process for application which you can finish with no hassle. Also we are here to provide a trusted and convenient platform for every user.

PesoGoGo is perfectly easy to use which can apply loan anywhere, anytime. At the same time, you are also able to ask our customer service for help which is online 24 hours per day.

How to Apply?
1) Download PesoGoGo from GooglePlay and log in using your own mobile number.
2) Fill up the online application form.
3) Waiting for the approval.
4) Claim the released money

Note: PesoGoGo only allows Filipino citizen with valid ID which is age 18 years old and above.

⭐Data Security
PesoGoGo will strictly protect your private information, we will never get the data from you without your permission, and also we never leak your data to any third party application without your consent.

As for more comprehensive policy of data security, we fully announced our privacy term in our App. At the same time we encourage all the users to study the privacy term before applying loan.

⭐ Flexible Application
In order to achieve the requirement for different user groups, we provide several kinds of amount and interest for you to choose.

Contact Us:
SEC NUMBER :{CS201909023}
Certificate of Authority No.1218

Company address: 5th floor Rockwell Center, Meralco Ave, Pasig city


Mobile Number: 09291627218

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