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Peso Plus is a providing safe and convenient personal loans for everyone in the Philippines to help them solve your financial problems, in an easier and flexible way.

λ Loan period: 91days(shortest) - 180 days(longest)
λ Loan amount: PHP8,000 – PHP20,000
λ Serive fee: PHP200
λ interest rate: 18% - 25% per year
λ APR: 20.0% - 35.0%
For example, if you want to borrow PHP8,000 for 91days, the interest is 25%, service fee is PHP200. You will receive 8000-200 = PHP7,800, the total repayment should be 8000+8000*25%/365*91 = PHP8,499. The APR is (8499-7800)/8000/91*365 = 35.0%
if you want to borrow PHP20,000 for 180days, the interest is 18%, service fee is PHP200. You will receive 20000-200 = PHP19,800, the total repayment should be 20000+20000*18%/365*180 = PHP21,775. The APR is (21775-19800)/20000/180*365 = 20.0%

Unlike other loan providers, Peso Plus doesn’t require any paperwork or guarantees to get your first money on our app. You can get money and repay it on the app from the beginning to the end.

Advantage of using Peso Plus loan app: \
λ You can get a loan with a simple filing process on the app
λ No paperwork or credit history is included during the loan application
λ Get loan results in just a few hours
λ Money transferred to your account once your loan is approved
λ High privacy and good customer service

Steps to apply for a loan on Peso Plus?
λ Install our app and open
λ Register with your phone number
λ Choose your loan term and submit then
λ Wait for approval

Basic requirements:
λ You must be 18-60 years old
λ You must have a valid government ID

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the ways below:
λ Hotline: 0919-085-9150 (Monday to Saturday 8:00-7:00 )
λ Email:
λ Address: 12th Floor Aseana Three Bldg., Macapagal Ave. Cor Aseana Ave., Aseana City Tambo City of Paranaque Fourth District, Philippines



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