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PetResQ allows owners to register their own details in a database, allowing the owner to add each of their animals into the database and update as required. Each user can also register how they can help others and within what radius they can help.

If or when there is an emergency and they have to evacuate all of their animals from the property (e.g. fire or flood) they can ask for help simply by opening the app and pressing the I need help button, which allows the request for help to be seen by other registered users depending on their own user settings. (If a user has set that they are willing to help within 20km they will only receive help notifications from within 20km of their surrounds – based on the locality they have registered in their settings).

Users receive a notification that someone in their region needs help and decide if they have the ability to help. If the notification says need help moving 2 horses - the Helper can then click I can help as he is close and has the ability to supply transport for 2 horses. At this point the helpers details should be pushed back to the person calling out for the help, for the two of them to connect.

The original person calling for help should then be able to stop notifications once they have enough people organised to remove their animals safely.

Developed by Viewport Tech.



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