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Its now Ad Free

No more boring weather radar apps. Get live weather forecast report & weather forecast observations with beautiful animated illustration.Get severe weather alerts, Air Quality Index and Earthquakes. Download now !!!

Atmosphere weather app gives you precise current weather forecast for today reports and live climate condition for your location.

Check local weather radar & weather forecast everyday and plan your day and holidays accordingly. Weather channel keeps you updated with hours by hours temperature, rains, storm forecasts results.

It's not just the live weather reports,weather radar maps and weather forecast. Real time weather maps & weather radar


• Plan for a week, we have got weather condition and temperature checker for the next 7 Days.

• Major world cities live weather forecast & predictions without needing to search them.

• It’s good for your health to check the live Air quality index(AQI) for your location
• All type of weather information: temperature, wind, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, pressure, sunrise, sunset

• Earthquake notification and earthquake alerts from around the world.

• Historic earthquakes data for last 30 days

• Get notified of severe weather alerts.

• Know what to do when the air quality index-AQI is unsuitable for you.

• Check the Ultraviolet index (UVI) before you step out.You won;t want to get sunburn

OMG!! The earth was shaking. Live earthquake notification and historical data.

Global warming is increasing. Keep yourself updated with customized weather, environmental, global warming, and changing climatic condition news feed.

• We even covered daily horoscope, for those how love astrology apart from daily weather radar

• Ahh how can we forget about the live weather radar maps for you.

In short :

☀️Sunshine weather report & timeline
☁️ Hourly/Daily Forecast
☔️ Precipitation Forecast
🌂Severe weather alerts
🌞UV index and Air Quality index
📰 Environment news

We welcome all types of suggestions to improve our live weather report app.

Feel free to write us on :

Download the application now and leave us y

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