Marimo: God of the Forest - Easy Incremental Game

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May this game give you comfort and peace of mind. Let Marimo, God of the Forest guide you to the mysterious Ancient Forest where adorable animals and spirits are waiting for you!


1. Tap the Ancient Forest and upgrade it to Level 100.
2. Awaken Marimo, God of the Ancient Forest.
3. Meet Marimo and become friends with animals and spirits.
4. Level up the Ancient Forest to enjoy 4 different seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.
5. Use the Ancient Forest’s skills to get Spirit Stones more easily.
6. Use Marimo’s skills to play with adorable spirits.

1. Meet ever-playful Marimo, cool animals and awesome spirits in your very own Ancient Forest.
2. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the Ancient Forest day and night. Let beautiful morning sunrise and evening dusks heal your soul.
3. Don’t forget the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.
4. The night in the Ancient forest is filled with beautiful aurora and shooting stars.
5. The Ancient Forest and Marimo each has a variety of unique skills.
6. Customize your very own Ancient Forest in unique ways with cool animal friends, cute spirits, and unique seasons.
7. The artworks of the game will warm your heart just by looking at the game, let alone playing it.
8. Make sure to turn up the volume and listen in as the Ancient Forest plays beautiful music.

Marimo: God of the Forest has been developed to comfort players’ hearts and bring peace of mind. We want you be happy today on your journey to the Ancient Forest with Marimo.



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