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As seen going viral on the internet all of 2021, finally on Android after much demand!
You’ve seen Piñata Farms videos going viral on IG, Twitter, and at the top of Reddit consistently and now we are finally on Android! Now you have the same power to make viral videos that your favorite people on the internet make and do it in seconds.

Do you want to become the funniest person, roast your friend group and get record breaking engagement on your posts?
Piñata Farms is a new social app that lets you take any video on the internet and remix it into a viral video in seconds. Your friends are then able to make viral videos off your content as you see you can become the wittiest!

Why spend hours trying to make a video meme on advanced editing programs when you can do it in seconds on Piñata Farms.

You want to swap a head in a video and replace it with your friend’s head like it was done by a movie studio? Easy.

You want to track text, an object, or a logo to a person in a video? Easy.

You see a video on the internet and you have an idea for it and want to remix it? Easy.

Your friend just did something and you want to roast them? You just found gold with Piñata Farms.

You have a crush on someone and don’t know what to send them? Send them a piñata. Trust us. Humor is the most attractive quality and your crush will love it. You can thank us later ;)

Boring people will not like Piñata Farms, but if you’re not then you’ll love it
If you have a good sense of humor, love banter and roasting with your friends and don’t take yourself too seriously, you’re going to love Piñata Farms. If you don’t, you won’t.

Humor is a very powerful healing tool, especially in these crazy times. It can connect and unite people like nothing else, and we know it can sometimes push boundaries. We encourage you to not take yourself too seriously at Piñata Farms. Have fun and stick around for the laughs!

On Piñata Farms, you are rewarded for your wit. So cook up the most ridiculous stories. Share them in the main feed or privately through group chats on Piñata Farms, or on any other social platform and go viral. Like people on the internet every single day, everyone will be asking you "how did you do that so fast?!"

This is crazy, how do you do it?!
We can’t tell you exactly how Piñata Farms does it. Trust us, though, the computer vision technology that’s doing the heavy lifting of farming videos and allowing you to recontextualize any video on the fly is pretty powerful (and patent-pending :). So, what you see right now is only a taste of some of what’s about to come ;)

We are giving you a superpower to roast anyone and everything, with anything you can think of, in any scenario. Go ahead, take a swing.

What else
You can describe us however you want, we’ve been called: my favorite new social app, where I make my viral memes, face swap, meme maker, meme creator, head cut out, meme generator, deepfake (even though we’re not)


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