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Police Station Cop Inc: Tycoon

发行商: Ararat Games
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Run a police station, send cops on calls and fight crime in the city!

You have a whole police station at your disposal with many police officers - both beginners and professionals. Send them on patrol and catch criminals!

Crimes happen all the time and can be both small and large - from pick-pocketing to human trafficking. Evaluate the complexity of the task and assign a police officer to catch a criminal - more experienced policemen are capable of catching top drug dealers, and beginners can be entrusted with petty thefts. Be careful - the response time to the call is limited, so you need to choose a police officer quickly! Not all tasks can be performed by a single policeman - difficult tasks may require a full police team! Also, sometimes there are bogus calls - in this case, the police will go to the call in vain, and the city will not pay the bonus.

If the criminal is successfully caught, you will receive a reward from the city. With this reward, you can improve your police station and purchase the necessary items both to make your policemen work more efficient and prodactive and help them rest well while waiting for another call!

👮‍♂️ Why you'll love Police Station Cop Inc: Tycoon:👮‍♂️

- Unique gameplay;
- Excellent detailed graphics;
- Lots of tasks for the police;
- Great soundtrack.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Police Station Cop Inc: Tycoon and start fighting crime in the city!


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