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PPS on Mobile is a convenient and simple electronic bill payment platform in Hong Kong. Via PPS on Mobile, you can login your PPS account anytime and settle bills from over 900 merchants with just a few clicks.

• Pay bills
You can register new bills and pay your bills directly across over 30 categories, such as:
● Credit cards
● Telecommunications
● Property management fees
● Government and public utility bills,
● Insurance
● School fees etc.

• View merchant lists
You can search merchant lists by merchant codes, names or categories for your bills.

• Enquire payment history
You can check your payment history for last 60 days.

• Discover the hottest offers
You can easily explore all the up-to-date hottest offers on the app!

• Search for the nearest PPS Registration Terminal
You can search a nearby PPS Registration Terminal via GPS.

Brilliant Android-oriented interface and functions can help you manage your bills with great ease. Please Pay Smart!

Interested in using PPS on Mobile for payment? All you need are a PPS Account Number/Login Name and a 8-digit Internet Password. Haven’t got a PPS account? Please bring your ATM card to the PPS Registration Terminal located at designated Circle K Convenience Stores, HKT Shops, AEON branches and some major banks to register. For more details, please visit PPS’s website at https://www.ppshk.com

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In view of recent login blank page issue, we hope the following solutions would provide better experience for our users.
Android 5.x - 6.x : Users can update via Device Settings > General > Apps > Android System WebView
Android 7.x : Users can update “Chrome Browser - Google” via Google Play
The availability of webview update depends on the device. WebView implementations and updates in non Play Store devices are beyond Google’s control. OEMs may prefer fixing broken implementations by using OTAs.



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