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Endless Run Lost Temple

发行商: Kakadu Bambvi Apps
价格: 免费


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You love running adventure games? Welcome to Endless Run Lost Jungle brand new adventure android running games with touche controller support , You Lost in a Dark Temple and you need to keep running to survive! Start now, run, slide, jump, turn and run for your life in this endless running game adventure! its all you need to start a new adventure journey. The most addictive mega-hit rush games ready for Android now!

How To Play Endless Run Lost Jungle ?

The Endless Run Lost Jungle has really easy controls to control main character, Run, jump or scroll left and right.

Do you have what it takes to survive in the dark and gloomy temples of Jungle Adventure? Collect coins and complete missions while avoiding falling down ditches or smashing into broken temple pillars.
The amazing 3D graphics and textures in Temple Rush Games create a visually pleasing atmosphere. Run through multiple 3D temple locations. Collect coins along the way to rack up points. Try to survive for as long as you can to gain experience points and get a top score. Complete missions by running past a certain distance or collecting a set amount of coins. The soundtrack in princess to escape adds to the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the temples.

• Dark and gloomy temple locations
• Amazing 3D graphics and textures
• Atmospheric soundtrack
• Different temple styles
• Collect coins
• Earn experience points
• Missions
• Fun and addictive game play
• Jungle run themed lost temple game
• Quick to learn, challenging to master
• Explore the mysterious CASTLE and run further you can
• Addictive colorful graphics
• One of the best endless running game
• Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking
• Smooth control or simple one-touch controls
• Collect coins to boost your score.
• Attractive background music

1.Run in the castle, and be careful to avoid, turn left or right to avoid
2.Collect coins to upgrade so that get the best character
3.Remember to use props, and you will rush further.

In this excited jungle running game, you can choose 4 different characters to play with go head to head and show off your skills. Rush, surfs, in the danger castle, drag up to run, down to slide, run left or tight to change the lane, avoid hitting zombies and traps.

Be attention with the obstacles, barrier and branches, you need to run as fast as you can to escape from the huge dragon! Collect coins while you run. and you can buy game props and obtain more power with them!

Drag up to jump, drag down to slide, drag left or right to change the lane, avoid hitting obstacles, barrier especially these magical plant which reaching their limbs to stumble you! Be careful!. As run longer, you need to speed up to face the challenge!

Run around the temple and gather all the coins you can. Feel the speed as you negotiate your way through obstacles in this unique game! The father you run, the bigger prize you will win!

Jungle run lost temple is a very fun runner game. Download it and running with your friends in the best scores!


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