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VPN by Private Internet Access

发行商: Private Internet Access, Inc
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Keep your data secure and your identity private as you enjoy restriction-free browsing with PIA VPN. With PIA, you’re free to access all the content you want — TV shows, apps, news outlets, or anything else — with zero restrictions, regardless of where you live. With encrypted network traffic, we keep your private data secure, even on public WiFi. Shield your IP address so you connect anonymously to the internet and cannot be tracked online.

🏆 Protect your privacy with Private Internet Access®, the world’s leading VPN proxy service for Android mobile and tablet users.

DOWNLOAD the Private Internet Access® VPN app and enjoy:

High speeds, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated apps for all major devices and operating systems (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, routers, and more), support for 10 devices simultaneously, no logs, and 24/7 live customer support.


✔ Open Source Transparency. We use open-source VPN protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard designed for anybody to inspect or modify for complete transparency.

✔ IP Shielding. Your real IP address will be changed to hide your identity and location. Your IP address and online activity will always remain private and we never log or store any of your info.

✔ WiFi Security. Your sensitive data (like texts, emails, passwords, photos, and banking details) can be exposed and easily stolen on unsecured WiFi networks.

✔ Powerful Encryption Standards. Stick with our defaults, or optimize your VPN experience to your own personal needs.

✔ 10 Simultaneous Devices. One PIA subscription covers up to 10 devices.

✔ Access Content. Access blocked apps, censored websites, and restricted content — including major streaming platforms.

✔ Split Tunneling. Make your VPN experience automated and smooth by choosing which applications or IP addresses can bypass the VPN tunnel.

✔ Per-Network Settings. Automatically enable the VPN when connecting to or rejoining an unsecure WiFi network.

✔ Kill Switch. If your VPN connection drops unexpectedly, our kill switch will automatically block your internet connection preventing any data leaks.

✔ FREE Email Breach Monitor. Check anytime to see if your email address has been affected by any security breaches.


✔ Low price. PIA’s best value VPN plan is a two-year subscription for $69.95, which is only $2.69/month!

✔ 7-Day Free Trial And 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. All our plans are covered so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

✔ Expertise. PIA is the most reliable and trusted VPN provider with over 10 years of expertise and a proven no-log policy.

✔ Customer Satisfaction. 15 million satisfied customers worldwide.

✔ 24/7 Customer Support. PIA provides a dedicated resource library, email support, and 24/7 live chat.

✔ Biggest Network. 30,000 servers in over 77 countries and more being added daily.


"Private Internet Access, one of Lifehacker readers' favorite VPN service providers, makes it easy to surf privately and securely from anywhere." – Lifehacker

"There have been several Editors' Choice VPN services recently, as one product tops the next, but Private Internet Access out-performs and out-features the competition. With 4.5 stars, Private Internet Access sets the bar high and is truly the Editors' Choice, trumping all our previous favorites." -- PC Mag

“When shopping for a VPN service, it is recommended to find a service that does not log its customers’ traffic and prevents an anonymity-unmasking issue known as IPv6 leakage. Private Internet Access carries that level of security.” – Wired

GDPR compatibility
This application only sends usernames and encrypted passwords to our servers as part of using the app. During signups, we also collect user emails. We do not collect or store any other user information.


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