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100 Doors Adventure puzzle is a stunningly great game in the genre of 100 doors and escape the room from which you plunge into the whirlpool of amazing adventures, reveal the mystery of the Lord Kelly's Manor, learn about the treacherous betrayal and true love.

★ The plot.

England, 1893 year. Professor of Natural Sciences, Dr. Jimenez finds information about the location of a forgotten manor in which a lord Kelly conducted experiments with energy sources. Attracted by a thirst for knowledge and profit, the professor goes on a secret expedition in which he is accompanied only by a faithful assistant, desperate adventurer Bartholomew.
Bartholomew is an orphan who grew up on the streets of London with his sister Anna. From an early age he is in the service of Professor Jimenez, performing a variety of, sometimes very dangerous errands.
According to the information that Dr. Zhimenez managed to gather about the manor, it is known that the most protected secret is located in the very center of the house, which can be reached only after breaking 100 doors.
Professor Jimenez and Bartholomew set off and soon find an entrance to the forgotten manor...

★ Features:

- learn the secret of the Lord Kelly's Manor;
- enjoy stunning graphics;
- solve puzzles on unique, non-repetitive levels;
- the game is absolutely free;
- useful hints;

★ Japanese Crosswords Hints:
- Level 012: https://youtu.be/9470QoYCcAg
- Level 019: https://youtu.be/ol3m8CJlPBI
- Level 025: https://youtu.be/F9Rg5h3XryU
- Level 029: https://youtu.be/qpAuolEc8Rw
- Level 042: https://youtu.be/Lg47aa-CJbo

Attention: it is recommended to play with the sound turned on.

A new game from the series of 100 doors is available now!

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