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myOpel - the official app for all Opel drivers

发行商: Opel Automobile GmbH
价格: 免费


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myOpel is the official application for Opel Owners; designed to enhance your Opel driving and ownership experience.

App features can be categorised as ‘Unconnected’ and ‘Connected via Bluetooth’

Unconnected Features
No connection required and a whole host of useful information at your fingertips. These features are available for most Opel models:
- Quick access to a glossary of the vehicle dashboard lights
- Manage multiple vehicles in your garage
- View ‘That’s How it Works’ videos relating to infotainment and safety systems
- Tag the location of your parked vehicle to help you find it easier in a busy car park
- Share the parked location with your contacts
- Find Dealers local to you and save your favourite Dealer for quick and easy contact
- Contact Opel
- Request a service or maintenance event with your favourite Dealer
- View Opel news, events and offers tailored for you
- Update your infotainment system and factory navigation from your phone, using your phone’s charging cable (selected infotainment systems)

Bluetooth Connected Features
Available on selected infotainment systems, these features provide a useful insight into your journeys and driving data:
- Dashboard of drive and trip data
- Vehicle alerts
- Fuel level and average full consumption
- Last Miles Guidance (once your car is parked, you can continue navigation to your destination)


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4355 条评价

Sar putea sa arate si istoricul autovehicului dupa seria de sasiu atata cat a fost reparat in reprezentanta


Since last update that I'm unable to connect the app with my corsa, can you please fix this situation? In previous version sometimes it fail to connect, but not like now, that it not connect!! Feel free to contact me for some troubleshooting if you need. Thanks.


Last app update solved my issues with app crash when accessing trip menu. Although I am geting statistics only with regard to trip duration and distance, there is nothing yet covering EV consumption. When are you going to introduce consumption statistics for EV like Corsa-e? Cheers


Please add kWh/100 km consumption on electric vehicles. Fuel consumption does not make any sense.


Voilà une application qui ne sert à rien. La connection au véhicule se fait rarement, les fonctionnalités sont inutiles, en fait au fil du temps il y en a de moins en moins... Pour ma corsa électrique c'est carrément inutile, à la vente on vous recommande cette appli, évidemment intestable avant l'acquisition du véhicule. Dommage qu'on puisse pas mettre zéro. Faudrait carrément l'enlever de l'app store. A part collecter vos données, complètement inutile


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