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ETHOS is a brand new concept App from AppyDroid Development,

Features 10 Dynamically changing IP Streams that sweep in a linear fashion between 0.2 - 500 ms Per channel. Each channel has 10 reserve banks which dynamically change during the session to a new Random stream bank. Essentially giving the App 100 IP Banks it total. All audio is reversed PL-660 Ghostbox Audio.

Like some of our other Apps, this one features AppyDroids custom audio suite, Echo With Pitch real-time Echo pitching, Real 5 Band EQ and Volume controls giving the user precise customization of the audio and really tailor it to the user's needs.

The App also features a Scrying mode "WHICH IS A FIRST" in ITC Apps. With this, the user can select between a blank screen or the options to select one of the 4 particle engines which emit Smoke, Orbs, Stars, or Blobs Particles.

Please note this mode is currently Experimental. During testing showed some positive results to use this as a sort of Digital Smoke ITC Experiment. Emission of the particles is done Complete randomly, The speed, direction, size, amount and transparency is all Randomly chosen each time the Emission occurs Ensuring the Emission effect is as random as possible.

There are many more features planned for this App so please ensure to check for updates regularly.

Thank you for choosing AppyDroid Apps

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