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Studycat: Learn English for Kids

发行商: Studycat
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Learning English is fun with Studycat!
Our educational language learning games will entertain your kids as they learn English.

• Certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program - our app is built with your child’s privacy in mind!
• Educational Expertise - curriculum developed by teachers & language learning experts.
• For kids ages 3-8 years - perfect for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten & young children studying English.

About Learn English for Kids by Studycat
Studycat’s curriculum combines a traditional language course with engaging and fun English learning games for kids.

It’s a fun English course that’s divided into themed topics that teach kids the foundations of language learning - listening, reading, spelling, and pronunciation. Each themed course includes multiple lessons that educate and entertain children while learning English.

The ‘Learn English for kids’ app will help children to acquire core vocabulary and language learning skills. Words and phrases are presented in contexts to maximise English learning and understanding.

Studycat’s games include fun English voices that use different tones and expressions so young learners can learn the subtleties of English pronunciation.

Each English learning game is unique; your child will enjoy playing, and learn English in the process!

App Features - Learn English for Kids
• English learning games for kids makes it fun to learn English.
• Educational games featuring original music, sound effects and beautiful cartoons entertains and makes for fun English lessons.
• Start learning English for free - claim your 7 day free trial for unlimited access to all English learning games for kids.

Benefits of learning English with Studycat
• Learn English through play - our English learning games teach kids their first words, and are endless fun for children.
• Kick-start your child’s English language skills - our fun English course teaches beginners listening, reading, spelling and pronunciation.
• The variety of learning games and challenges help with other areas of your child’s development, motor skills and concentration, hand-eye coordination and confidence!

Start Learning English for Free!
Download the ‘Studycat: English for Kids’ app for free. Including 2 themed courses and 14 language lessons for kids to start learning English. The free download includes the following English courses:

• Colors - Kids learn to read, speak and spell colors in English.
• Animals - Themed English lessons to teach your kids the animals.

Get 7 days unlimited access to all fun English learning activities for free
There are many more English lessons available with a variety of topics, so your child will always have something new to discover and learn.

Start your 7 day free trial for the full English course for kids.

About Studycat
Our fun English app was created by teachers and education experts who have brought classroom-tested language courses to mobile devices. They’ve created a English course that’s perfect for early learners and beginners in pre k, kindergarten, pre-school, elementary school and primary education.

Contact Studycat:

Privacy Policy
Your child’s privacy is our priority. Our fun series of language learning apps for kids are COPPA compliant and certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To read the ‘Studycat: Learn English for Kids’ Privacy Policy, visit:


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