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MechCube: Dark Stories

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This is the second point-and-click game from the MechCube series – a truly titanic structure discovered by an ill-fated expedition in the ancient ice of Antarctica. The Cube consists of many rooms; in the center of each room there is a puzzle device; once you solve the puzzle you can unlock the doors to the adjacent rooms. But be careful! The space and time inside the Cube are intermixed; an open door can lead you to prehistoric Earth, to a dimension of unimaginable horror, or into the vacuum of open space!

Features of Mechanical Cube: Dark Stories

🔥 Addictive gameplay set in a world of dark science fiction; an abundance of challenging mysteries for fans who have been anxiously awaiting the sequel to MechCube: Escape
🔥 Numerous spine-chilling traps in an epic point-and-click adventure
🔥 Beautiful comic book style graphics handcrafted by our talented artist
🔥 Atmospheric soundtrack
🔥 Challenging but enthralling riddles and puzzles
🔥 Find secrets, endings and Easter eggs hidden in the mystical labyrinths of the Cube
🔥 A most unusual quest and escape-room type gameplay
🔥 Are you stuck? There are hints and a skip level function!
🔥 Improve your out the box thinking skills by solving the logic riddles of Dark Stories
🔥 Easy to start, but challenging to finish
🔥 Challenging cyphers and logic problems
🔥 Regular updates that add new puzzles
🔥 A unique plot designed as a visual novella
🔥 Achievements: gather up collectables and unlock several possible endings
🔥 Solve puzzles, drag and drop objects, interact with objects by clicking on them
🔥 The game is free and requires no Internet connection (can be played offline, while traveling)
🔥 What are you waiting for? Start solving challenging puzzles right now!

Folks, if you want to help us with translating Dark Stories into your native language, contact me at: Your name will be included in the game credits.

Thank you for playing MechCube 2! Subscribe to my Instagram to be the first to learn about the latest updates, contests, and other events dedicated to the Mechanical Cube!


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