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Largest online reading app in Africa within authorized novels, comics and African Originals, Short Stories.
Read daily, benefits in app can support you read free!

Key Features:
1. More than 50,000 authorized books(the number keeps growing) , including novels, comics,African Original pulished books, short stories, legends, horror&thrillers, motivationals, classic literatures, poetries and other hot genres.

2. Well-designed functions and optimized display mode: download & offline reading, dark mode, adjustable background color and font size, adjustable font. Our commitment is to provide you distinguished long-time reading experience.

3. Reading plan: read now and change your life. Abundant daily benifits, the more you read, the more coins you will get. Your insistance will turn books become affordable.

4.More supported local mobile payment channels: You can support Africa publishing more conveniently. Please support original properties; please support African Original Writers!

5. Colorful communities and off-line activities: you have the opportunities to meet the big names shown in the book covers.

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The 2019 most topical and must read books you can find here: Boom Boom, AcrossThe Gulf, UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL, Full Marks Hidden Marrige, Trial Marriage Husband, Library of Heaven's Path
More contents are on the way! More functions are on the way!



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