QR码阅读器和扫描器, 条形码阅读器和制造商 2020

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QR Code Reader and Scanner: Barcode Reader & Maker is one of the best and simple QR Code Reader app on Play Store. QR Code Scanner and Maker is a user-friendly barcode reader app that you must have for quick QR code scan and barcode read. QR Maker is a lightning speed user friendly barcode generator and barcode maker. QR scanner and barcode reader is a no fuss all in one QR and Barcode reader and generator that you will ever need. Barcode Reader and scan QR code app supports all types of barcode for URL ISBN CARDS CODE39 CODE128 UPC EAN SCC accurately. QR and barcode details can be searched on web and shared instantly with friends. QR code or barcode reader and scanner can scan QR and has unlimited free scanner facility. Barcode maker and QR reader and maker is an automatic time saving scanner and reader app.

To save money in shopping store our ultimate price scanner & free qr code reader 360 can scan barcode and compare online prices with our free barcode reader and QR app. Never need to type barcode decoded numbers if you use our QR and Barcode reader and QR scanner app. Quick Response (QR) and barcode function is taken to new level with our barcode maker/barcode generator android application in smartphones. Share WiFi passwords or pair QR codes with Bluetooth for instant connection with friends, Colleagues or university classmates using smart scanner. Multiple barcodes can be quickly scanned with the help of Barcode Reader & Maker and reduce barcode scan time with this free qr code reader 2019.

QRCodeReaderandScanner: Barcode Reader & Maker from 360 Tools is really amazing when scanning barcodes, generate barcode or using QR code maker. No need to worry if QR Code is in a dark shade as this awesome QRcodereader app supports flashlight efficiently. Just point the smart phone camera on the QR Code or Barcode and decoding takes place with amazing clarity. User satisfaction in Barcode reader and QR code scanner is Guaranteed because the all in one scanner is very robust and simple.
If you are worried about advertisement in the QR Code Reader and Scanner: Barcode Reader & Maker, then you can opt for a no ads version with competitive low prices for such an awesome QR code reader application.

Anyone can get details of school books just by scanning QR code of the book and details are readily available and saved in storage. Barcode Reader and QR code scanner and reader has a safe lector function and is a secure code scanning app & free qr code reader.

Professional features of QR Code Reader and Scanner: Barcode Reader & Maker include but not limited to the following -
• Wi-Fi QR Code maker without password
• business card reader
• Barcode inventory
• free QR code maker
• Small size app
• Barcode Maker & Generator
• QR Code Reader/Scanner and Maker
• URL Scanning
• Flashlight
• Zoom in/Zoom Out
• Export Link to QR Code Maker
• All Barcode types
• Barcode generator
• Save created barcode and QR code

All barcode formats are supported using this beautiful QR scan / QR maker app.
We highly value your feedback, suggestions or recommendations. All QR Code and Barcode scan related queries can be emailed to 360gaminglegends@gmail.com. We endure to bring out the best QR scan app and barcode scanner free having the best UI and UX for you.



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