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Zikr Azkar & Dua: Everyday Quran & Sunnah

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Brief Description:
As technology advances extremely fast, Zikr Azkar & Dua: Everyday Quran & Sunnah In Urdu
continue to conduct intensive checks to ensure the smooth operation of your devices in order to
improve performance.
★ Zikr of Allah Urdu is a difficult reboot for the application that fixes most of the problems that
some people may have.
★ Azkar dua hausa are Muslims believe that we must strengthen our foundations before relying
on them.
★ Islamic dua and azkar morning and evening is an excellent collection of dua and adkaar for
all Muslims around the world, it is free to download and works offline without an Internet
★ Zikr Azkar & Dua: Everyday Quran & Sunnah In Urdu for Muslims read and listen to calls
from the Koran and Sunnah in high-quality audio in mp3.
★ Azkar dua hausa can be made for an individual dua / doaa, prayers are very important in your
daily life as a Muslim.
★ Zikr wali naat the beginning of 2020 in the mornings, Adkar is important in order to start a good
day with faith in Allah.
★ Azkar e Muslim evening adhkar is also necessary before going to bed and going to bed, you
should never forget the Dikr of Allah all day, until 3a Istikhar and du3aa Mostajab are very useful
for your souls.
★ Azkar kithab Arabic like the hand of الرقية) ar-rokya sharia / ayat al-kursi) there is no god but
him - he is alive, one who supports everything.
★ Zikr Azkar & Dua: Everyday Quran & Sunnah In Urdu are neither sleepiness befalls him,
nor sleep, the beautiful Islamic do3ae 2020 is the most popular application in the Muslim
★ Zikr Allah are free doaas right now and enjoy good deeds to protect my children, parents and
family, duas for the safety of the baby and mother during pregnancy .

★ Duas from Tohfatul Hashem, 1st Muharram Dua, Ziyarat Varitha, Ziyarat E Aashuramishary
Alafasi and the famous Saad Algamidiy, Idriss Abkar, Ibrahim Al Arkani Mansour, Egyptian,
Sudanese, Iraqi, Moroccan, Yemeni, Syuni, Tunisia.
★ Azkar dua hausa, before eating, after eating, violating the fast of Ramadan (during the dow,
to say ramadan).
★ Azkar kithab Arabic as a believer after each prayer time, you should read the azkar after
adhan, the wedding doua or dua is good for all new couples who want to.
★ Get married (zavadzh- dua الزواج دعاء ,(the duo at the end of Ramadandu'aa forn istikhara / دعاء
.adia Islamic / واذكار المسلم
★ Quran & Sunnah In Urdu you feel lost in your work and daily tasks are exhausted and stressed
out, do not forget to ask for help from one of them.
★ Zikr Azkar & Dua: Everyday Quran & Sunnah In Urdu is our latest, most optimized version.
It is suitable for many different devices.
★ Morning / evening Duas Contains daily prayers for after waking up, before bedtime, etc.
★ 40 Rabanas: Collection of 40 Rabbanas duas from the Holy Quran
★ Daily Dua and Azkar
★ Translation and benefits of hadith
Zikr Azkar & Dua: Everyday Quran & Sunnah In Urdu to Customize App font style and size
★ Daily Dua Notification
★ Duas after Salah / Namaz
★ Share dua with friends
★ Easy, attractive interface with clarity
★ Navigate pages to page
★ Quran & Sunnah In Urdu are Bookmark your Favorite Duas.


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