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VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD

发行商: QuVideo Inc. Best Video Editor & Video Maker App
价格: 4.41 USD


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VivaVideo PRO is one of the best professional video editor & photo slideshow maker apps to make awesome videos!

Powered by Top Developer in Google Play Store, VivaVideo PRO is one of the best professional video editor and movie makers with millions of users all over the world.

For different users with different purposes, VivaVideo PRO has more powerful functions (trimming, editing, speed control, sharing…) and offers our users such as YouTube bloggers(Vlog), film producers, art directors and other professionals who just want an extraordinary video editing experience to make awesome videos.

With VivaVideo PRO, you can easily create your video stories and share with your friends & family.
With VivaVideo PRO, you can transform everyday moments into works of art as you want and let the world discover you!

★★★ VivaVideo PRO has following extra features ★★★

- No watermark
- No ads
- Unlimited video length in exporting
- HD quality export (720P)
- Plentiful exclusive & unique effects to use

#VivaVideo PRO Key Features

+ Powerful Video Editor
- Easy-to-use professional editing tools
- Trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing
- Enhance your videos with various texts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live dubbing.
- All editing operations can be instant previewed in WYSIWYG way

+ Creative Video Camera Lenses
- Support multi capture options: Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage
- Exclusive selfie camera with seven fascinating lenses
- Use nine funny lenses to play your "prank skills"
- Capture videos especially for Instagram & Vine

+ HOT Photo Slideshow Maker
- The easiest way to turn your photos into movie masterpiece and create video slideshow in several clicks!

+ Unique Video Collage (PIP) Maker
- Merge clips into one story with many awesome & fancy collage templates

+ All FREE Materials to Download
- 200+ special effects including Animated Stickers/Themes/Filters/FX/Texts/Transitions

+ Export and Share
- Export your videos to the gallery at any time
- Share your works to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, email and etc

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Your feedback is welcomed and highly appreciated.

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