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排名历史显示雷达:速度相机,HUD速度计,雷达检测在Google Play应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪雷达:速度相机,HUD速度计,雷达检测在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









Do you want to save your money by knowledge of speed camera locations and police radars? Do you want to know the speed limit for the road you are travelling on?

Do you want to protect your driving license? Do you want to know locations of speed cameras (mobile ambush, static speed cameras, red-light cameras), speed bumps, speed cams, bad roads?

Speed Camera Alerts-Traffic Police Radar Detector App is the greatest app which is the comprehensive app for all commonly used, the most popular free speed cameras and traffic radar detector or GPS radar apps in. Faster, lighter, smarter, a quicker free app with an excellent user interface design.

Free to find where the hidden speed cameras and traffic police GPS radar locations.
· Easy to use & great user interface for better user experience
· Free cameras and maps updates.
· Detailed map of the speed cameras, road hazards and points of interest.
· Information about the cameras and road hazards moderates by specialists.
· Updates the cameras and road hazards base automatically.
· The database of cameras and road hazards is so compact that allows you to receive the latest information even through low-quality mobile Internet.
· Very quick offline 3D maps, HUD way mode.
· Warns about back-shot cameras, a pair of average speed check cameras, dummy cameras and other types of cameras that are not visible for the usual radar detectors.
· Choose the types of cameras and road hazards.
· Captures and controls several potentially dangerous objects.
· Voice and sound alerts.
· Background working with other apps.
· Warns of traffic calming, crossroad, crosswalk, traffic lights, road signs.

Learn how much you use each popular radar and speed camera apps! Install Speed Camera Alerts-Traffic Police Radar Detector for totally free!
- Detect Speed Cameras on the road.
- Red Light Cameras locations.
- Speed Cameras Alert.
- Speeding Warning.
- GPS Speedometer with Current location.
- Traffic Cameras.
- Speed Camera Warning System.
- Red Light Camera Locations.
- Speed Camera Detector.
- Speedcams locations
- Speed Alerts
- Speed Trap

You can use your phone as a mobile speed camera detector. With this app, you will find the radar alert feature is a precise radar detector for android. Radar, radarbots and speed radars can be easily detected through it. It is a police radar detector and a radar detector for police.
on the roads and static traffic patrol radar locations map.

You will find traffic status on the roads and plan and navigate easily and securely and avoid traffic jams smarter, then you will save your money in your pocket. you will know where traffic is near your location.

Remember that, GPS using in your device continuously in the background will decrease your battery


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