Drive Simulator: Volkswagen Golf R

发行商: VinniGret Cars
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Play the new Drive Simulator Volkswagen Golf R - a driving simulator that lets you play and win, as well as earn money by buying new cars, tuning and garages, driving around the city, pumping your car, participating and winning in rabid races, explore the big city and become a leader! Drive Simulator Volkswagen Golf R.

The pros of our game:
Drive Simulator Volkswagen Golf R
- Super fun and exciting game with endless fun.
- Free game.
- Bonuses and challenges.
- The open world.
- Full-featured car simulations.
- Driving a super-car from first and third persons.
- Cabin car 360 degrees.
- Very realistic physics of the car and sound effects.
- A lot of settings and improvements in the car.
- Filling station with active mode.
- Fascinating missions, quests, arcades, races.
- Real change of time of day.

Drive Simulator Volkswagen Golf R. Small tip on the game:
1. at high speed in the city do not accelerate, drive carefully.
2. Keep an eye on the police. They will look for you for speeding, and then you will get a fine.
3. If you pay a bribe, you get a fine instead of a fine.
4. Put the prompts in the settings and pay attention to the interactive prompts and dialogues.
5. Control the fuel level and don't forget to stop for refueling at the petrol station.
6. If you want to reach maximum speed, you need to drive on the highway, but be careful, you may have an accident.
7. You can earn extra income, for example: you can earn money in a taxi or work for the government.
8. And the most important thing is to follow the traffic rules.
9. You can also catch a wave on the radio.
10. You'll get more money when you do complicated tasks.

Drive Simulator Volkswagen Golf R - We wish you a pleasant and rich game.
Good luck!



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