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Gear Fit Pro

发行商: RenderSoftware
价格: 5.56 USD


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Resurrect your Samsung Gear Fit

Finally there is an application with which you can use your Samsung Gear Fit whatever your model of mobile and whatever your version of Android.


- For Gear Fit only, the first version, the original.
- This app not work with Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.
- Applications created for Gear Fit Manager are not compatible with this application.

You will no longer depend on Samsung's restriction by which only their own devices were able to work with Gear Fit. So far only if you had a Samsung brand cell phone and you had an android version lower than 5.0 lollipop you could enjoy your Gear Fit, but Samsung left without support for your Gear Fit long ago and now even if you meet those requirements you can enjoy her.

The people (like me) who spent their money to buy the Gear Fit and soon after saw as there was no support for it or could be used, can finally resurrect their gear fit with this great application.

Gear Fit Pro is improving over time, more and more, with the goal of becoming a replacement even higher than what was the old Samsung gear.

Its current characteristics are:

* Works on any mobile model, you no longer have the restriction of having to use a Samsung mobile.
* Custom wallpaper, you can use your own images and photos as wallpaper for your Gear Fit.
* Music player control, you can control the playback of your music and the volume of the Google Play Music player, Spotify and PowerAMP.
* Find your mobile, you have the function of being able to search your mobile from your Gear Fit with the press of a button the screen of your phone will light and start to sound and to vibrate.
* Automatic reconnection, if the Bluetoot connection with your Gear Fit is lost for the distance, when your bracelet is again within reach of your mobile will reconnect automatically.
* Notifications, receive notifications of your favorite apps on your bracelet with your own icon so you finally know what the notification is.
* Calls, you will receive notifications of incoming calls and you can reject them from your Gear Fit or answer them on your phone.
* Alarms, when your phone rings, you can stop or pause it from your Gear Fit.
* Multi language, you have more than 40 languages ​​with which to configure your Gear Fit, finally.
* Miscellaneous: Time format, limit notifications, etc.

Every day the application is improved and every day the opinions of users are taken care of to implement the functions that the people most want and need.

When you connect your Gear Fit with this application so that everything works correctly you must follow these simple steps only to avoid possible failures and to connect your Gear Fit with Gear Fit Pro is simple, easy and reliable.

The first thing you have to do is to unpair your Gear Fit from your mobile phone if you had it paired, simply go to your phone Options -> Bluetooth and select your Gear Fit device and give it to Forget.
After you have done that, you will have to return your Gear Fit to its factory state, it is very simple, you just have to go in your Gear Fit Options -> Restore factory settings and now you will not have to do anything else , The rest of the work will be done by Gear Fit Pro.

First perform a quest to find your Gear Fit and once you've found it click the Connect button. In both your mobile phone and your Gear Fit you will get a message to confirm the connection, click on the two sites to accept and in a few seconds your Gear Fit will already be working with Gear Fit Pro.

Thanks for choosing Gear Fit Pro and enjoy the new life that you will give to your Gear Fit which you can use for a long time more thanks to this app.

Gear Fit Pro works on the following versions of Android:

* KitKat
* Lollipop
* Marshmallow
* Nougat

Any queries you may have can be sent to


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