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Residence Caribbean APP - Real Estate, Success & Travel, is the only mobile APP for cross border properties in Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Cayman Island, England, and the wider Caribbean. Anyone looking for a new home for sale or rent can now browse hundreds of apartments, lands, private islands, condominiums, villas and houses using our fantastic search filters!

Search homes for rent or sale, within certain neighborhoods, using our simple comparison feature based on prices, location, amenities & schools to find your ideal dream home.
Home shopping just got easier with Residence Caribbean App find the property that’s just right for you with listings updated in real-time on your mobile!
Whether home buying or renting is new to you, from a simple click of a button you can contact some of the best real estate agents in the market, that is FIU registered. If you’re finding room for your growing family, or you want to check value estimates on properties, our real estate mobile app provides an easy-to-use home search experience tailored to your needs.

Key Benefits

*15+ FIU Registered Agencies to choose from
*Get Real Estate listings notifications real-time on prices, availability & more
*Get notification alerts and price reductions, new listings, and new deals
*Real Estate search filters by amenities, location, and house type
*Home notification based on your search criteria & profile
*Get Forbes Real Estate News Daily
*Luxury Travel & Cruise Articles Daily
*Easy Social Media Sharing

What problem does it solve?
Reduce the complexity of searching for a home, stop spending hours thumbing through numerous websites. Simply inputting your home type and let our real estate mobile app search for your home using automation and artificial intelligence and receive real-time updates directly to your device.

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