Mobitel TreasureHunt

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Treasure Hunt @ Mobitel Cash Bonanza

We as organizers have created an interesting chain of clues leading to a grand prize and the clues are hidden in printed out pictures. These pictures are placed in different places of the event place. Most interesting part for the seekers will be the clues hidden on a piece of paper come in to 3D reality. In order to find the clues, seekers must have installed the AR app as instructed by the committee. This App can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.

How to become a Treasure Hunter?

To play this game you can form a small team or be brave enough to play individually (treasure is all yours). Then register yourselves with our committee and download the APP which will be introduced to you. (Free wifi is provided. However, to play internet is not required).

Rules for the Mobitel Cash Bonanza Treasure Hunter!

1. Treasure Hunter should not be an insider from the Mobitel
2. First clue will be given to you at the beginning of the game time
3. Hunter should look carefully into the printed image through the AR lens in built with the APP which you have just downloaded
4. Find the next location for the next clue
5. Be quick to the next location and repeat till you reach the treasure
6. No cheating
7. Committees decision will be the final decision and will not be altered

• Since clues are in AR version don’t miss out the clue wondering off the picture
• There is only one Treasure
• At the end 1 winning team or an individual will be awarded
• So, be QUICK

Happy Hunting Treasure Seekers!



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