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发行商: Barreleye.Lab
价格: 免费


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Want to test your car crashing skills and play against other car crashers? If you love car crashing games, it’s time to unlock the real car crasher within you. Car Crash Adventure includes the best gameplay experience with amazing graphics and easy controls. “ Car Crash Adventure” takes the car crash genre to a whole new level by adding multiple options with car crashing. You can play with so many different variations of cars that you can purchase from the shop or you can even visit the garage to get modifications done for your car. The essence of smooth arcade crash is still there but in the shell of the next generation. Ride your crash car in different car driving maps, upgrade and buy new cars to beat other players in the game. The game includes realistic physics during a car crash, accident, etc. Also, while racing, you will come across destroyable objects. You will also come across multiple power-ups that would allow you to shoot on or crash into other cars and destroy them.

“ Car Crash Adventure” is an additive car crashing game with multiple features to enhance your gaming experience -
✓ Choose from a variety of cars from the shop
✓ Play with other players on the internet
✓ Car Customization with Engine Add-ons and Car colors
✓ Beautiful HD Game Graphics
✓ Realistic physics with destroyable objects during racing

Are you ready to play the Car Crasher game? Now it is time to hit the roads with a crashing car! Download the game now and take control of the crashing car to match against other car crashers. Just use your gameplay speed and concentration going to crash other cars and get on top of the leaderboard. This game is easy to play but challenging to master.


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