Evil Scary School Teacher 3D: Creepy School Game

发行商: RISQ Studio
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There was a genius girl who got admission in high school having the worst teacher ever. Evil Scary School Teacher 3D: Creepy School Game makes you experienced the life of the student. The evil teacher Miss Vole is the most cruel teacher and every child is scared from her. The scary teacher punishes every student strictly and threatens them with loads of homework. Now your task is to say hello scary school teacher and teach her a lesson. All the kids are scared of her and only you can help them in the scary school game.

The creepy school teacher is your neighbor now and that's the best bet to take a revenge. Create a plan and setup pranks in the scary neighbor house and scare her. The virtual school game features different levels where you can enter the creepy scary teacher house and prank her with different things. The Evil Scary School Teacher 3D: Creepy School Game features realistic horror granny teacher house. You need to be careful and set pranks unseen or runaway if she catches you.

Your role is to accept every challenge to punish the scary teacher and stop her from torturing kids. The scary game activities include ruining her dress, spoiling her food and other similar neighbour game activities. You must complete each task unseen or the creepy scary teacher would punish you strictly. Evil Scary School Teacher 3D: Creepy School Game is a horror themed school game, where you can enjoy the life of a genius child. Help her punish the teacher and stop her cruel punishments. Keep an eye on the camera and run away from the teacher when she catches you in her house. That's going to be the best scary teacher game 2019 for you!

Let's see if you can teach her a lesson or not? It's time to scare the evil teacher!

Evil Scary School Teacher 3D Features:

- Open world scary teacher house environment
- Multiple pranks to scare the scaredy school teacher
- Easy to use controls
- High quality 3d graphics
- Addictive spooky game missions
- and more to see yourself!



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