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Rocket cleaner

发行商: smart dev tools
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Does your gadget take a long time to load programs?
How often does the "low memory" message appears?
Do you delete saved files manually?
Does it close programs by default?
Does it shut down automatically?
Does it get warm?
Want to have a clean phone?

You just need the new Rocket Cleaner app.
This is one of the most effective Android tools. With this smart app, you can easily delete the junk files, file cache, cool your phone, save battery power. When detecting battery drain apps, the program will work on the task and act like a battery healer to reduce unnecessary processes and save more battery power for your phone.
With a brute-force cleanup, you can free up storage, even if other programs can't handle it. With it, your device works faster, better, more efficiently, and lasts longer.
The program is absolutely free and does not take up a large amount of phone memory and at the same time copes with a huge amount of work. Rocket Cleaner is the best device optimizer.
Rocket Cleaner app features (phone accelerator and junk file cleaner):
* Autorun Program Manager – Your phone will work quickly and without delay
* Prevent the startup of unnecessary or unwanted applications, eliminate delays and speed up the phone (you need to grant administrator rights)
• Delete "junk" files – a small but powerful wizard that cleans up the space in the phone's memory
* Free up space and improve performance by intelligently scanning and searching for junk files.
* Space Cleaning – Deep cleaning of mobile phone memory
* Help with deleting unwanted photos, music, documents, and apps to free up space and boost your device.
* Mobile Protection and Antivirus-protect your mobile phone from virus attacks
* Automatic scanning of the system and user-installed applications will protect your phone from viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities, malicious advertising programs and spyware.
• The CPU cooler - effectively reduces the temperature of the CPU
• if your phone get hot often, Rocket Cleaner will lower the CPU temperature, as well as its usage and load, by stopping the applications that cause it. It will also save battery power.
* Phone Accelerator-Memory Optimization
* Speed up your Android phone, free up RAM, save battery power with our tool to speed up your Andriod devices. Create a shortcut for easy and fast acceleration of your android device in one touch from the home screen.
* Mute Notifications - block unimportant notifications
• When we use the phone, a lot of annoying notifications can always pop up. Rocket Cleaner helps you collect information about all useless notifications and mute them, making your phone work more efficiently.
* App Lock – More personal space in your phone
* With Rocket Cleaner (App Lock), you can add an additional password to protect certain apps with secret information, such as Facebook, Messages, Gmail, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Lock your personal apps with an input pattern or PIN code and keep your secrets away from "unwanted eyes"
Rocket Cleaner – This is the best tool to improve the performance of your Android phone, trusted by more than a million users in the world.


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