Wasavi Chat Manager: Automation for WhatsApp [PRO]

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Features & Advantages:
Schedule chat messages in WhatsApp and WA Business
Message templates with merge-fields
★ Easily schedule automatic repeating chat messages for birthdays and anniversaries
Import contacts and contacts groups from your Gmail into WhatsApp Broadcast lists(Excellent for WhatsApp Marketing)
Automatic phone unlocking with PIN codes, Swipe, No locks.
★ Supports locking phone when finished automation.
Message quick actions by double tapping on it with actions like search, navigation, add to calendar and more.
★ Message Reminders, Tasks, Notes for every chat, boost your Productivity and customer relations
★ Over 12 different Tasks & Notes categories to choose from, with category actions
Floating and secured web browser that works when you lock the phone - Great for Forms, Surveys, Podcasts, Videos, etc.
★ Works on top of WhatsApp and other messaging apps

Ace your customer success, community management and personal growth with an app that brings you closer to your network and goals by supersizing your messenger apps with awesome new abilities & automation!

Schedule messages in WhatsApp and WA Business, Create Tasks and write Notes for chats directly from chat messages, Create Reminders for a message all directly from your chat windows in WhatsApp.

Chat Manager works with:
WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Viber, Signal Private Messenger

✔️Information Management - Create a Note or a Task for chats. Those are also named "Stickies", because they stick to your chats and are shown both in Chat Manager main window and inside your WhatsApp chat.

✔️Quick-Actions - Turn a chat message into a Task, a Note, A Reminder or a Scheduled message by tapping it twice inside your messenger chats.
You can also use other actions such as: Searching the text online, Adding the message to your Calendar, Navigation with Waze or Google Navigation or simply share the text...

✔️Smart-Browser - Easily load docs, calendars, articles, presentations, google sheets, surveys, forms, twitch and youtube videos, etc. inside WhatsApp chats. Chat Manager can automatically load links and place them in an adjustable floating window that stays on top of its origin-message and above other apps.

Permissions required:
- Draw on top of other apps - To show floating menus in messengers(e.g. WhatsApp).
- Accessibility Service - Used for automation and data presentation.
- Read Contacts - Syncing your data and obtaining contact names and phone number.

All other permissions are for extra features which can be enabled via the Settings window which will guide you on each permission and the functionality.
You can work with Chat Manager without enabling all permission.

This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is a registered Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

This app is NOT affiliated with Viber.
Viber is a registered Trademark of Viber Inc.

This app is NOT affiliated with Signal Private Messenger.



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