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Sudoku for all.
If you are just starting to play classic puzzle game of Sudoku there is Easy level for you. If you think you are the expert in Sudoku then the Expert level will give your brain really good workout. There are four levels Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. As we said there is something for everyone.

Play Sudoku on the go.
Play classic puzzles whenever or wherever you like on mobile while getting a feeling as good as a real Pen and Paper. Do not worry to complete your ongoing game in one go, it will be automatically saved and you can start where you left. Other than that there are some great features like highlighting similar numbers,highlighting candidates similar to selected numbers, auto fill candidates, hints, unlimited undo, unlimited redo,use pencil to make notes.

➤Dark and Light Themes or UI.
➤Every Sudoku has a unique solution.
➤Available on Phones and Tablets.
➤You can note probable numbers as scribble them on paper.
➤If you are stuck somewhere you can use Hints.
➤If you made a mistake and want to go back you can use Undo as many times as you want.
➤If you want to make redo you can make it.
➤You can erase all of your mistakes just as you can paper game or board game.
➤More than 1200+ well-formed Sudoku puzzles.
➤Four perfectly balanced levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert). So you get what type of Sudoku puzzles you are looking for.
➤Simple design.
➤You can also play Sudoku puzzles offline at any time.
➤Statistics so that you can keep track of how well you are performing at different levels of Sudoku Puzzle and can improve on it.
➤You get to know how much time you have taken to solve a particular Sudoku puzzle.
➤Really small app size without compromising on any features of puzzles or usability.
➤Input buttons are big in size so you don't accidentally click other numbers in Sudoku puzzle.
➤Ad Free Game.
➤Added Sudoku tutorial on how to play?
➤One of best board game or puzzle game available.

Play classic puzzle game of Sudoku now Ad Free without any interruptions.

If you like brainteasers and challenging puzzles, then this game is for you.

We hope you enjoy Sudoku Pro - Ad Free Game. If you like to give feedback or have any questions do contact us :-)

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