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Morroc & Bean: Clicker MMO RPG

发行商: 100px Games
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Morroc & Bean: Clicker MMO RPG is a free online RPG game. A game made by one dev. After three years of work, the game finally saw the light of day! It is constantly being developed and created together with the gaming community. The game will take you to a world full of monsters, people and creatures who need your help.
You will gain experience points and improve the level of your profession. You can choose from four available classes. Each of them should be different and balanced at the same time.
In the game, you face opponents such as: goblin, dragon, ghost, troll, orc or zombie, but you can also fight against another player. The fight is turn-based, but you can use spells dynamically. There is also a Journey mode, where we can face elite monsters or go on a journey with a whole team of our mates, this battles are completely online. As you gain higher levels of your hero, you will be able to discover new locations containing new monsters, items and treasures.

In Morroc & Bean you can play with your friends, you can create or join an existing guild and meet new people by going on boss raids or organizing guild wars. You can chat in private chat, guild, party or a special tab that displays messages from Discord.

Discover the world and the features of the game which will draw you in for hours! Play a game made by a gamer for gamers!


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