Elite Commando Battle Royale Bullet Force

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Be the last man standing!
Jump into a fight to the death with players from all over the world in Battle Royale! A survival game filled with combat, stealth, and strategy. In the mood for a heart-stirring showdown? You will parachute into a vast battlefield! So Jump straight in this do-or-die battle!
A dynamic battle royale grand shooter! Drop-in by the parachute & start fighting! Waiting around isn’t an option: the battlefield is constantly closing in at your heels. So grab a weapon and get fragging in this modern warface war simulator.
Elite Commando Shooting War is a unique shooting game with modern guns and pistols. In Elite Commando Shooting War game there are many combat missions against your rivals. The Commando who is fully trained, Soldier comes with full of shooting guns to destroy the enemy.
When you play the Elite commando City shooting Combat you will fell realistic experience of battle simulator against your enemy the empire tycoon. Accept the challenge and destroy your enemy with your shooting skills as it is a kind of survival shooting battle arena stealth game. The end day for the enemies has arrived now it is up to you now to end their royal blood empire.
The brave Elite Commando uses his tactical combat skills and spirit to destroy the enemy for saving his side. The commando attacks on the enemy's camps and shoot with guns and kill all the rivalries soldiers in this battle royale cross fire duel.

Modes in Elite Commando Battle Royale Bullet Force
There are three war simulator modes in this ultimate battle game.
Cover Fire Shooting Mission
Free Play Shooting Idle Tycoon
Companion Shooting Counter Force.

Use different military weapons in this free fire shooting missions do cross fire surgical strike against the counter terrorist kind of duty of battle royale sniper war. Do or die in battle ground.
Are you ready to fight against world war shooting hero eliminate all ww2 and ww3 Swat Forces of unknown origin. You are Free firing forces leader in this Fire Squad Survival mission having the best Battle Royale team. Show the last man standing in the pub fight arena
In this game take any type of guns from arsenal prepare yourself in this encounter mission.
Play as the best military commando to stay firm in critical war situations, and fight with valor and bravery. You should use all these guns to become an assassin shooter.

Features of Elite Commando Battle Royale Bullet Force
- Three Fascinating Game Modes!
- Huge military arsenal such as AK, minigun, sniper guns, SMG, pistols and so on.
- Battle & brawl in a variety of combat arenas.
- The new weapon control system, shooting now be more smooth and stable.

Dominate the battlefield by taking on each opponent and become the last survivor! Grab your pixel gun and get shooting!
These evil soldiers occupied the large area of a northern urban town; you have to clear this as a gorilla warrior, play as an SSG commando, eliminate all soldiers and take back the royal city area.
Become the last man standing, the last hero, the king of the battlefield!



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