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Torque plugin for Perodua cars full version

发行商: SAUKintelli
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MAY HAVE ISSUES WITH ANDROID9! Please try with free version first.
This is the full version of Torque plugin for Malaysian made Perodua cars, particularly older cars thatdoes not support generic OBD protocols. Read real time data, read engine status, read and erase error codes...!!

This is the full version with access to all available sensors and features.
For testing purpose, we advise you to try the free version. You can get it from Google Play ( and please revert to me for issues. My email address as below.

IMPORTANT..!!! …Prerequisite:

1. This is a Torque Pro plugin. You need to get Torque Pro installed in your device. This plugin will NOT work alone. Also, make sure you use later versions of Torque Pro. Torque with too old version would not be supported.
2. You need ELM327 compliant adapter. There are a lot of cheap adapters out there that does not fully support ELM327 commands. Get adapters confirmed to work from me or from ahmad hamidon (you can get it from ).
3. Please also make sure you follow the instruction below. And make sure connection to ECU is OK before scan error, erase error or check the status to avoid app crashes.

Important notes..!

Later versions of android, for saving battery life, there is phone setting to stop apps from starting automatically. Please ensure you have set this plugin to autostart. The same thing will need to be done if you have autostart manager in your device.

Typically, the settings are in battery settings of the device, or in apps settings --> battery management

Installation procedures:

New vehicles with new engine such as Axia does not require any setup, except for item no 1 below. Vehicles with older engines are supported by this plugin and requires special setup as below. Please try without setup first. Some perodua such as MyVi Lagi Best, may use protocol similar to perodua 1.5 litre engines. As such, exploring different vehicle profile setup might help.

1. Please uninstall the free version of the plugin. Otherwise it may disrupt the operation of this full version plugin.

2. This plugin requires full access to OBD device. Check the 'Allow plugin full access' in Settings --> Plugins

3. For older 1.3 litre engines or smaller, create a new vehicle profile in Torque. Under Menu, select 'Vehicle Profile'. then click 'create new profile'...

4. Name the profile 'PERODUA1.3'. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Show advance settings'

5. Scroll to the bottom. For 1.3 litre engines, in 'Preferred OBD Protocol' select 'ISO 14230(fast init,10.4baud)'

6. Click 'Save'". Note that some newer 1.3 litres of below engines does not require this setup.

7. For 1.5 litre engines or some newer 1.3 engines such as Myvi LagiBest, create vehicle profile as no.2 above, but name it “PERODUA1.5”. and for the OBD protocol use the “ISO 15765-4 CAN (11bit 500k baud)”. Refer no 3 & 4 above.

8. Create another vehicle profile and name it 'Blank' scroll to the bottom and 'Save'. Do not put any advanced settings

9. Select the correct Perodua vehicle profile you created earlier everytime you want scan by tapping on Menu --> 'Vehicle Profile'-->select the ones that you created. For other vehicles, use the 'Blank' profile.

10. Create custom PIDs from Settings --> Manage extra PID/Sensors --> tap settings and select 'Add predefined set'. Select 'Perodua PIDs

11. Create displays in 'Realtime Information' by tapping Realtime Information --> go to empty page -->tap menu --> Add display -->pick your meter type --> Select PIDs that start with {PERODUA}.

12. Make sure you go to this page every time you want to use Perodua cars. Otherwise, Torque wouldn't connect to your ECU. You may need to wait for a while at this page for Torque to connect to your car

13. Now you are ready to use the Torque for scanning your car.

14. To scan error codes (or other features), tap on this plugin logo (Perodua OBD).


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