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Knockdown Bricks stands unique from other Knock Down games and is completely free.

For getting more coins there are 3 more small games ie Speed Ball, Flappy Ball and Bouncing Ball. All together 4 games including Knockdown Bricks.
Each game is unique and we hope you enjoy :) all of them.

How to play?
- Touch on the ball and pellet-bow then move to aim and then release.
- Limited balls to knock down all bricks.
- You can knock down all bricks, you win level other wise game over.

Features in Knockdown Bricks:
★ Knockdown Bricks game is catapult or slingshot simple & fun to play game.
★ Knock down bricks - has amazing graphics with visual effects, sounds and user friendly interface.
★ Knockdown Bricks game has more than 250 unique levels.
★ Knockdown Bricks game has various kinds of balls to play like tennis Ball, bowling Ball, cricket Ball, volleyball, football, basketball and blast Ball and these all balls are attached with many trails like rainbow trail, fire trail,...
★ Knockdown Bricks has different kinds of catapults like green catapult, blue catapult, brown catapult and more.
★ Knockdown Bricks game can play offline
★ Test your slingshot skills in this catapult Knockdown Bricks game.
★ Knockdown Bricks is the one of the best knock down games
★ Share your puzzle-solving skills among your friends and check your country level score with other players int this Knockdown Bricks game.

Speed ball - Fast ball game

Try out the most exciting endless running - rolling game.
Choose your ball and dash as fast as you can, dodge the oncoming random obstacles, roll over bricks, in this exciting endless speed ball game for girls and boys.

How to Play?
- Tap your finger on the screen to jump ball to escape from random obstacles or jump and roll on obstacles. Don’t touch the obstacles otherwise, it will over your rolling.
- Try to collect all incoming coins
- Score multiple is related with the level

Features in Speed Ball game:
★ Speed ball is an endless game.
★ Simple yet rich visual effects for the best experience
★ Addictive and smooth game play mechanics
★ Really challenging
★ Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking

Bouncing or Jumping ball game is another endless jumping game

How to Play?
- Tap finger on screen and without lifting from screen drag left or right to control the ball.
- Keep jumping on tiles
- Each Tile is a point
- Try to collect all the coins.
- Survive as long as you can to increase your score.
- Share your insane scores to let your friends know that they have been bounced.

Features in Speed Bouncing ball game:
★ Simple and satisfying game-play
★ Different obstacles to make the game hard to beat.

Flappy Ball game

The aim of the game is to blow the ball without hitting the columns by touching screen. (Fly without touching the bars or pipes or columns.)
Each transition is one point and try to collect points. After completing each task you get a bonus of 100 coins.
Have a good time.

How to Play?
Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher.

Common features in knockdown bricks, speed ball, flappy ball and bouncing ball games:
★ Simple one touch controls.
★ You can download this game for free.
★ One of the best fun arcade games.
★ No time limit
★ Play anywhere anytime! You don't need an internet connection.
★ Suitable for all ages
★ Share your highest score in any social media
★ See how you rank among other players

Enough description! Now download and enjoy this interesting game don't forget to share with your friends :)



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