Ratzfatz durch die Mauer

发行商: Scala Z Media GmbH
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"Ratzfatz over the Wall" tells a story of Berlin’s divide and reunification, as seen through the eyes of two very different characters, who must learn that with cooperation, compassion and a strong desire for freedom nothing is impossible to achieve.

"Ratzfatz over the Wall" is a puzzle-platformer where the player has to guide Viktor - a smart and sneaky rabbit and Miss Magic - an agile and brave circus monkey - to the western side of the Berlin Wall over the five acts with multiple levels.

The game features:
- Two playable characters with unique behavior and skills, allowing each of them reach places, inaccessible for their partner.
- Cooperation based puzzles where characters must their specific skills in order to help each other traverse levels filled with traps, hazards and enemies.
- Interactive environments, where things change based on how the player moves objects, presses switches, and steps on pressure plates.
- 5 acts each representing various places of post-war Berlin: from city streets to freight yards, from sewers to military checkpoints.
- Multiple game modes, including a train driving section.
- A captivating overarching story represented through animated and fully-voiced cut-scenes, showing the political situation around the time the Wall was erected.

"Ratzfatz over the Wall" isn’t just a fun game, it can be a captivating learning experience for young folks, interested in the history of Berlin and GDR.

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