Scary Barbi Granny V3: Horror Pink Haunted House

发行商: Matoriv
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Scary Barbi Granny V3: Horror Pink Haunted House is a Horror Scary MOD talks about a mysterious house that is being treated by an evil grandmother grandmother and old lady. No one has seen this scary granny for so long. But it should be noted that the lights of the house turn on and off from time to time.
Some people have heard screams from inside the Fnaf house. Insurance Evil barbi loan lady car is a new expert in black magic of insects. She kept the mortgage of the miraculous souls of the people in different objects. Your goal is to free these miraculous scary barbie souls. You have to find a lawyer for all souls inside the grandmother's house credit mod and make sure that the grandmother's super lady does not counsel you. Otherwise, you will suffer and do the same.
You have to find the way out of the Barbi Granny house, you will have to use all the tools you have on hand to complete the puzzle and unlock the doors by finding the hidden key somewhere in a structure that will help you get out of the house. 'here.

Be calm and careful because Grandma Barbi hears everything. She set traps on her own for her unexpected guests. You only have 5 days to get out of his house.

When you meet Barbi Granny, fear will make you die, run quickly to find a way to escape and get out of this horror house quickly.

Welcome to the game Granny Beautiful BARBLE, This is a horror game mod. In the game you have to find all the hidden keys to unlock the door.

The door is locked and you have to find a way out in 6 days. You must try to get out of his house, but be careful and silent.
You can do it with Granny's Beautiful, be careful and calm. Indispensable that you like.
Key Features in new version Scary Barbi Granny V3: Horror Pink Haunted House:
- Fearful and tension atmosphere
- Smooth and easy controls
- Many new exciting features
- Horror sound
- 3D graphics
- The best horror game 2019
- High-quality scary music
- The atmosphere is frightening and stressful
- Music and sound terrible
Good luck with Scary Barbi Granny V3: Horror Pink Haunted House



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