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BMW Concessionaires App

发行商: Sime Darby Motor Services Limited
价格: 免费


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We sincerely invite your
engagement in application to create a fruitful journey with us.

Revolutionary Personalized Experience
• In BMW Concessionaires App, we look forward to interacting with you by elevating the digital experiences to unprecedented heights.
• As always, we commit to provide excellent service which is beyond your expectation.
One-stop Solution
• It is an all-encompassing app that provides a seamless services experience covering all aspects of personal mobility
for BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad. No matter test drive booking, engage in marketing activity, manage your car* or shopping online, it is simply mastered at your finger tips.
*Subject to the vehicle ownership
Intuitive And Easy. The Future Is Now.
• A simple and user-friendly interface to operate the application. It is more convenient than ever that we always engage without time and boundary limitation.
• We recognize you as individuals at every step of journey through comprehensive digitalization today.

Highlighted Features:
- First-ever in HK One-Stop Car Brand Experience with BMW & MINI HK
- Manage and use BMW Point
- Enjoy Everything BMW/MINI in ONE App: Manage your cars, book a service, and shopping all in one single platform
- Manage all your BMWs and MINIs
- Discover BMW Events and MINI happenings while never missing an appointment with us
- 24-hour Shop Online for BMW/MINI lifestyle products and maintenance packages
- Instant Service Booking for repair and maintenance
- Anytime ready on call with BMW Roadside Assistance
- Explore BMW/ MINI vehicles and catalogues


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