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Counter Strike 3D: Player Battleground Royale Game

发行商: Stardust Gaming Sol
价格: 免费


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Beyond Counter Strike 3D: Player Battle Ground Royale
※ Introducing Counter Strike 3D: Player Battle Ground Royale is the new Battle Royale Game developed by Stardust Gaming Solution Studio. Its Multiplayer Battle Royale Games in which 100 Players are fighting for the glory in single server against each other. Counter Strike 3D is the New FPS Shooting Games which has different fighting mode.

In Counter Strike 3D, 100 players will fight with various weapons and strategies until only one Squad remains the winner in 25+ Squads. Each Counter Strike Squad have maximum of 4 members to strike the Battle Royale against other squads. Ready your squad for the gun war and strike in the battle field full of enemy. Focus on playing zone and search for the fighting cover within play zone. Make your strategy against other players squads in open battle field.
Utilize gear, vehicles, and consumables to survive the shrinking battleground to become the ""last man standing"". Pick Up Helmet and waist armor for increase health and reduce damage from fire. Use Pain killers and energy drinks to boost up your players and use mid kit to full your health.

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ Solo Vs Squad
In Counter Strike 3D Game Jump into Open Battle Field as one-man army and demolished everything come in your way. Land on Hot Drop location for getting maximum kills and XP points to higher your season ranks. Use Cars and Buggy To travel from one location to another. Counter Strike is a massive open-world battleground in which 100s different world class player jump from the Aeroplan and glide to their favorite Landing Location and start looting and getting ready for the Final Zone Battle.
▶ Squad Vs Squads
In This Counter Strike 3D, you can play with your friends as group to help out each other and leads towards the final victory. Help your team mate in the battle ground royale and play like a train battle ground counter strike squad.
▶ Team Death Match
Team death Match Mod of Counter Strike Royale is a close-range fight of squad vs squad in Arena in which you have to increase your Gun Power and specialized in favorite gun fire. Its close battle ground of specified time and the winner will be decided on the bases of highest kills. Try to do more kills than enemy squad to win this gun battle strike. Show your enemy you gun skill and never let them to kill you. Maintain your high K.D to top the world best players leader board.

▶ More realistic and dynamic gunplay
-Counter Strike 3D Fully-optimized for the mobile environment, experience the Smooth gunplay on your mobile device.
- Customize your guns to fit your needs with Upgradable unique weapon skins and attachment system
- Set Your Guns Controls by setting you sensitivity.
- Use Gyro Sensitivity for better gun recoil controls

▶ Next generation action-based interactive gameplay
- Unique mechanics introduced in Counter Strike 3D include dodging.
- Utilize new vehicles only available in Counter Strike 3D to quickly move across the open world battle field.
- An immersive Gun War experience achieved through various objectives in-game that can turn the tide in your favor
- Extreme Gun Fighting Gameplay against the real world players
▶ Unique Shooting universe
- Decades after the Arena Battle Field, new factions emerge in the Counter Strike 3D Game
- The survival game full of strategy and Gun Fire Skilled

▶ This is the true beginning for Counter Strike Game on a mobile device
- The real battle royale games for FPS Shooting Games users.
- Full Customizable Gun with Unique Skins and attachment system for batter Gun Control
- Counter Strike 3D is full of strategy and adventure and complete action packed game on play store


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