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Your Android phone becomes a multi-tool in the new model SEAT Mii: For example, the SEAT DriveMii App* makes it possible to listen to music from your Android phone, control radio functions, navigate offline with 2D and 3D maps as well as use handwriting recognition for destination and station search. A multifunction indicator shows the consumption, range, travel times, mileage, engine speed and coolant temperature. You can also browse through your phone book and call lists as well as your music files using handwriting recognition. And the SEAT Ecotrainer helps you to drive efficiently to save fuel simply from your Android phone.

Configuration wizard:

1. Load DriveMii App.
2. Pair the Android phone to the vehicle using Bluetooth.
3. Start DriveMii App.
4. Accept the Terms of Service.
5. DriveMii App attempts to connect to the vehicle. A code is displayed in the app and in the Infotainment system for this. Confirm it.
6. DriveMii App is now connected to the vehicle and can be used.
7. The navigation function is now enabled and you are now able to exit the vehicle.
8. A map is required for the navigation function. This can be downloaded now. To download the map, select ""Navigation"" in the app. It is recommended to use a WLAN connection for the download.
9. Download and activate the map.
10. Accept the safety warnings for using navigation.
11. So that the navigation function remains active, connect DriveMii App to your vehicle at least once every four weeks.

*DriveMii App is only compatible with the vehicle SEAT Mii and with the You&Mii ColorConnection+ for the Mii.

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