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Are you fan of sports? then this app designed for you to enjoy all the cricket and football features you love. PTV Sports is a global Pakistani basic cable and satellite sports television channel by Pakistan Television Corporation. Live PTV Sports is a state-owned channel which telecast many sports events since it is launched. It retains exclusive broadcasting rights for many sporting events including cricket, tennis, hockey and football.

livenettv app has been made for cricket and football lovers and viewers of live sports to keep them updated all time.This app provides you live streaming all time whatever you are so that you can't miss your favourite match hit.

Cricket formats we cover:
One day international (ODI)
Test match
Twenty-Twenty (T20) League
Ten-over (T10) League
Major Cricket leagues we cover:
Indian Premier League
Pakistan Super League
Australian Big Bash League
Bangladesh Premier League
Caribbean Premier League
Asia Cup
ipl 2020 live
T20 World cup 2020
psl live 2020

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The worth knowing features of this app are:
- HD live streaming
- Single Click Access
- each and every cricket football match up coming live streaming schedule
Very comfortable and easy to use
Amazing eye-catching layout
Easy and fastest download
Easy to share with friends
Please download our app , share it with friends and family and don't forget to rate it.

We don't own any content that we are using in our app. All rights are reserved by their respective owners. We are only providing facility to sports lovers and we don't have any other mean with this app.In case of any problem please contact us directly and we will cooperate with you fully.

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